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"Perla Negra" Cascara from Costa Rica - Coffee Fruit Tea (18 tea bags)


Our Costa Rican partner-farms produce some of the best tasting, consistently high-quality coffee fruit teas. Nestled high in the Las Lajas region, this year's harvest of coffee fruit tea is very well balanced and light in both flavor as well as color. 

This delicious "Perla Negra" lot of cascara comes from a certified organic farm. 

This tea will be on the sweeter side, with brighter notes of fruit and honey.

The unique combination of healthy antioxidants, electrolytes, and natural caffeine in our premium coffee fruit teas is the best way to boost immune function, stay hydrated, and keep energized.

The best part? No caffeine crash, just energy that lasts. 

  • Half the caffeine of a serving of coffee
  • Double the caffeine of a serving of green tea
  • More electrolytes than coffee and tea combined
  • More antioxidants than other antioxidant-rich sources (9,590 ORAC)
    • White wine: 392 ORAC 
    • Green Tea: 1,253 ORAC 
    • Pomegranate Juice: 2,681 ORAC
    • Coffee: 2,780 ORAC
    • Goji Berries: 3,290 ORAC
    • Red Wine: 3,607 ORAC
    • Blueberries: 4,669 ORAC
    • Coffee fruit: 9,590 ORAC

Our KASIRA™ 18-count pouches contain 18 individual servings of premium fruit tea in convenient, 100% biodegradable tea sachets.