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A Little Bit About Us
We started this business as a way to help people.
We realized as soon as we found out coffee was a fruit and people just roast the bean (which is actually a seed) that there's an opportunity to change how things are done.
You see. people here in the United States are fueled by this need to drink coffee, but they don’t realize there are other options to get their caffeine fix and start their day.
We want to help people at both ends of the supply chain be the best version of themselves in the day-to-day. More options never hurt anybody, right? 
We're changing the way the coffee business is conducted. And we don't even sell coffee.
My Personal Story
When I went to Kona, Hawaii for the first time and attended a coffee tasting, I wasn't blown away by the coffee we tasted. I was never really "into" coffee. I just drank it because I had to wake up really fast in the morning, and I kept drinking it because if I didn't, I would crash.
I was blown away by fruit tea made from the discarded fruit of coffee production. 
I was humbled by the taste, shocked at the fact that coffee is just the seed, and amazed that coffee is a fruit.


We think people need real things. And when it comes to caffeine, you need better choices.